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Karol at The Crossroads (roller coaster photo coming as soon as I have one!)Hi, I'm Karol. You can call me Carl or Karl, but not Carol. ;)

You’re probably wondering “why?” Why am I doing a roller coaster tour of the U.S.? (And ending at the fastest coaster in the world in Abu Dhabi!)

The truth is: because I want to. It’s that simple. More than that, who wouldn’t want to spend 3 months going on hundreds of roller coasters?

I spend a lot of time dreaming up weird or fun things to do because what’s the point of life if not to have fun?

Last year I built a guitar in India and participated in a weeklong water fight (Songkran) in Thailand, among other things. This year I’m going on a roller coaster tour.

I dreamed this tour up a few years ago, but logistically it wasn’t fitting into my schedule. Also, RollerCoasterTour.com was held by the previous owner for 9 years before he finally, graciously, sold it to me. :)

My full time “job” is over at RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com, where I write 2-3 times per week about personal freedom and being your best self.

The goal with RollerCoasterTour.com is 3-fold:

1) To inspire others to go after their goals, no matter how out there they may be.

2) To have fun.

How You Can Help

Hey, thanks for wanting to help! You rock!

There are few ways to help.

1)┬áSpread the word! Share this site with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Follow me on Twitter here –> @KarolGajda

2) Meet me at a park and ride roller coasters with me!

Thanks for hanging out!

– Karol


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