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Not Intimidated At Carowinds – Charlotte, NC

by Karol on August 14, 2011

In my current quest of living on impulse I happened to be in Charlotte. I saw signs for Carowinds and … well … I couldn’t resist. It had been almost 2 months since I last rode a roller coaster. Since Carowinds is a Cedar Fair park and I have  a Platinum Pass, it wouldn’t cost me a penny (free parking!) to go to the park. So I did. :)

Mostly I just wanted to ride The Intimidator, which is a great steel coaster. There was a single rider line so I barely had to wait!

It was fun. It felt weird since I hadn’t been on a coaster for a while. A girl in front of me screamed in terror for the entire ride. All in all, good times.

Afterwards I walked around the park a bit and had to go on the Hurler, Carowinds’ resident wooden coaster. It was bumpy. I think I inadvertently elbowed the girl next to me in the face.

That was that. I left. I felt good. But the tour is still over. I’m not going on more coasters.

Unless I do. ;)

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