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Meet Me

Along my journey of 13,000 miles I want to meet fun people!

I will only be doing meetups at the theme parks. There is a lot of driving involved on this tour (in addition to a lot of work editing video/writing posts) so I won’t be scheduling meetups otherwise.

How it works:

  1. Check my schedule and make note of the date I will be in your area.
  2. Follow me on twitter.
  3. I will post where to meetup at each park every day.
  4. Subscribe to the e-mail updates using the form to your right.
  5. Subscribe to the RSS feed here to get video/blog updates of all of my adventures. (If you don’t want e-mail updates the RSS feed is the alternative.)

To get an idea of when I’ll be in your town check the Route.

– Karol

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