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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Makes Children Cry

by Karol on June 26, 2011

Last month I wrote a quick message on my Posterous about how I’d increase Six Flags’ revenue $1 million within 12 months. That has nothing to do with anything here except that I’m thinking about fleshing out what I wrote there and posting it here on RollerCoasterTour.com. Now I actually think what I’d implement would easily increase profits (not just revenue) $10+ million within 12 months. I didn’t realize their revenue was in the $1 billion range. There’s a lot to work with there! ;)

I was meeting my friend Chris at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this morning. He used iPhone’s navigation so it took him an extra hour. ;)

That gave me the opportunity to work out front of line passes, like all other Six Flags parks have been doing. I went to Guest Relations and explained my story. The truth is, the people at guest relations don’t have any authority so they have to ask a supervisor. Usually the supervisor comes out, greets me, and is enthusiastic about what I’m up to. Every other Six Flags Park has been cool and supportive. Fiesta Texas? The supervisor didn’t say hi or even look at me. What she did do was deny front of line passes. :(

Oh well, I went inside the park and headed to Hospitality. Maybe the story would be different! The guy working there was positive and it seemed like he could help. But he called the Guest Relations office and spoke to the same supervisor who denied me. Point? No front of line access.

30 minutes later, after throwing his iPhone away (just kidding), Chris arrived. :)

I thought about renting a wheelchair and having Chris head to hospitality to get an Exit boarding pass, but decided against it. As funny as this situation would’ve been, I didn’t want to give this Six Flags any money for the rental.


We headed to Goliath, not to be confused with the real Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This was a typical feet hanging in the air ride which I enjoy. No big drops or anything extraordinarily exciting. The turns were intense. Both Chris and I got dizzy. So it had that going for it.


Next up was Scream, a drop tower. If I’m flying solo I avoid these because I’ve been on them so much. Chris and I looked at the line (~20 minutes) and decided to go for it. After getting in line I said “you know, I feel like I saw a single rider line at the entrance to Scream.” I investigated, and sure enough, single rider. So we got in that line and were let right on at the same time right next to each other. We bypassed the whole line and didn’t have to sit in single seats or go on the ride at different times. Oh Fiesta Texas, you’re just confused I think. ;)

So that was fun. Shoot straight up, shoot straight down. Done. Onward to …


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, but it’s actually a fun launch coaster. It’s not too fast, but going from 0 to whatever in just a few seconds is a fun thrill no matter the top speed. It had a few loops and twists and whatnot, but my favorite part of launch coasters is the actual launch.

And now I can tell you about Six Flags Fiesta Texas making a little girl cry.

Superman Krypton and the Crying Child

This looked like it might be the most fun ride at the park. It was big, it was newer, and it had a nice-sized first drop.

There wasn’t much of a line so we waited for the front. Ahead of us was a family with a young girl, maybe 8 years old. As she went to sit down in her seat an attendant said she’d have to get measured. They went to measure her and she was too short by the thickness of a pencil. They said she couldn’t ride. She immediately covered her face, began crying, and ran.

Would Superman have done this Fiesta Texas? Superman would’ve held her hand. Why didn’t you hold her hand Fiesta Texas?

Anyway, I can understand that rules are rules and ride minimums are there for safety. But when a kid’s too short by a hair it doesn’t make much sense. Whatever, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this place at this point.

Superman was a fun ride. First hill was great. The scenery was nice. No complaints. Good times.

The Rattler

I was told by Scott, who was nice enough to put me up in San Antonio, to ride The Rattler last because it, as the name suggests, rattles the bones.

It’s a wooden coaster and most wooden coasters are bumpy to some degree. The Rattler, however, is extra bumpy. Now that my back is almost 100% I can handle this stuff better. :)

There’s a section somewhere towards the end where it feels like they made it bumpy on purpose, like riding through a rattle snake’s tail.

That all said, I liked it a lot. The first big hill was good and there were a few sections with air time.

We finished it up at Boomerang, which I had just went on at Elitch Gardens, and headed out!

More Six Flags Fiesta Texas photos here. Not many though. And I accidentally had Black & White turned on for many of them.

Tomorrow I head to Sea World San Antonio to ride a couple coasters and then immediately drive ~5 hours to Arlington, TX. Tuesday I’ll be at Six Flags Over Texas, where I hope I get front of line because there are more coasters to ride there than there were today. ;)

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