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In Which Tour Goes On Hiatus and I Get Another Idiotic Comment

by Karol on July 2, 2011

I’m not well.

I severely downplayed what happened at Six Flags Over Texas due to ego and not wanting to scare my family/friends who read this site.

Driving from Arlington, TX to Hot Springs, AR a few days ago took me ~8 hours when it’s only a 4-5 hour drive. I had to stop regularly and felt like I was going to vomit most of the trip. I didn’t want to eat anything because everything made me feel sick to my stomach. It wasn’t until yesterday that that feeling went away. If you’ve ever been hungover that’s almost exactly how I felt.

The truth is, after reading more about the definition of a blackout, that is exactly what I experienced. Three instances of blackout within a very short period of time. (Although technically, the third instance may be considered greyout based on what I’ve read.) That said, I don’t know that blackout is all that happened because a lot of my symptoms (nausea, non-stop headaches, soreness) are similar to concussion. I’m not exactly sure how I could’ve gotten a concussion, but I can see it as a possibility. A lot of people will tell me to go to a Doctor, but do you know what a Doctor prescribes for concussion? Rest. Which is exactly what I’m doing by putting tour on hiatus.

Photo: Humongous Shuttlecock at the Kansas City Art Museum

I haven’t been to the past 3 scheduled parks. I’m currently in Kansas City hanging with Jonathan and tomorrow I’m heading to St Louis. I probably won’t go to Six Flags St Louis on Monday, but I’ll be in the area. Maybe they’ll have fun fireworks for the Independence Day celebrations.

What I’ve basically been doing is traveling along my scheduled route and hoping I feel well enough to go to a park. I haven’t felt well enough to do so yet and I’m sad to say that the near future doesn’t look bright as far as tour goes.

Maybe you’d think I’d just stay in one city until I felt better so I could continue the tour where the tour stopped (which would be Hot Springs, AR). Seeing one shirtless dude with a KKK chest tattoo is enough to make me want to leave Arkansas and never go back. So I’ll cross the “what to do about the parks I missed” bridge when the time comes.

I have been feeling better, which is great, but I’m not going to risk my long-term health because of my foolish ego or pride or [insert rationalization here]. So, as long as I continue feeling a little bit better I’ll continue traveling along my scheduled route and meeting up with friends or doing whatever else. If I start feeling worse I’ll reconsider my plans.

EDIT: I decided to stop in one city. Being on the road was not restful. 

What Does The Future Hold?

I don’t know. I’m not a psychic. ;)

George’s Idiot Comment

I don’t usually approve comments like this one, but sometimes I get in a good mood:

What a waste of time and money and no sponsor either. A little pathetic.. No one cares about your stupid tour. – George

It takes a special kind of person to bother posting a comment about my “pathetic, waste of time/money, stupid tour.” To be honest, I get a lot of these types of comments but I never approve them. They don’t affect me because, well, come on, it’s the Internet. If my Mom said I was pathetic I’d probably cry, but George can call me whatever he wants.

Alright, you probably won’t hear from me for a while, but don’t fret. I’m just out living life and trying not to feel it too hard. ;)

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